Christmas surprise: charcoal set

 For Christmas I got a charcoal set and yesterday and today I have tested it out and have had great fun.


It contains:

  • charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard)
  • HB sketching pencil
  • paper blending stump
  • tortillion
  • sanding paper block
  • metal sharpener
  • rubber
  • 2 x hard pastels 
  • 2 x charcoal sticks

Christmas tree


Pepper seller

I was slightly confused by what everything was for so here is how I use them.The tortillion and the paper stump are fantastic for blending smaller areas. The pencil and charcoal are for adding detail. The sanding paper block I use for blending large areas like in the Christmas tree. Mostly I use the charcoal sticks which give you the main colour.
Blending charcaol is very easy so creating a master piece is not that time consuming but looks great.