Spa Night In

Dad’s away and it was the last night of freedom before we were back to “school nights” so we decided it was time for a girly spa night. We had tones of face masks nail varnish, body butter, toner, moisturizer, candles and even some friends to share the evening with. We had a fabulous time and here is some pictures to prove it.


Silverdale to Kendal 

In the Easter holidays mine and parents’s holidays were different to my brother’s holidays so my mum stayed at home to look after them. Dad and I set off on our long distance walking holiday. We spent 4 fabulous days walking right from the doorstep in Silverdale to Keswick on our first day stopping at Kendal hostel.

We set off with the weather on our side (not) there was a beautiful cloudy sky and everything.

We headed off past the train track to haws water.

Even though there was a cloudy grey sky the views of the little lake were still good.

Dad and I were both using our new rucksacks from Christmas presents here is my dad modeling his.


In Gait Barrows next to haws water we spotted some tooth wart, a parasite plant that lives of other plants roots, it’s kind of strange because it only has flowers no leaves.

We head along Silverdale moss with a view of Arnside Knott behind us. The track was very muddy much like the rest of the day.

We went next to the fairy steps near Hazleslack farm. They are strange stairs that look like they have been carved in the rock, maybe by fairies !


This is the amazing view from the top of the fairy steps finally the sun had come out and I had my first mini easter egg of the walk it was great.

The track we were walking on was a path taken to carry funeral coffins to Beetham church and on the track there was this brocken house overgrown with moss and ivy.

We headed down towards Beetham and the was an abundance of beautiful daffodils and lots of leaves of snowdrops it must have looked incredible in February.

When we got down to Beetham we went into the church grounds of a big church with is a bit odd considering how big the tiny village of Beetham is.

Outside the church there was this cross with yellow daffodils with I thought it was cool I had never seen one before.


There was some amazing gargoyles outside the church yard.


The church is quite grand because it was the main church in Beetham and the surrounding area.

  We went into Dallam dear park and it started tipping it down dad and I got absolutely soaking. However there is a silver lining to every cloud and we spotted some deer sheltering from the rain under the trees.


We stopped for a break at booths in Milnthorpe to dry off and eat lunch then as we stepped out of booths we were greeted by the warm rays of the sun.


We left Milnthorpe along some fields, to aviod the busy main road, and then into Heversham which is an other small village along a road. The road there isn’t busy because its parallel to the main road so isn’t used very often.


In Heversham there was an other cross maybe it is a tradition in Cumbria.


As we walked along the road we past this old water pump now surrounded by moss and other plants. The well is called St Mary’s well and was the villages main water supply in 1908.


After walking through Heversham we got to Levens bridge and decided instead of going to Sizergh castle to follow the River Kent into Kendal.


After walking for a small amount of time we stopped for a quick snack and I had some of my “special mix”, I know it sounds odd but it’s really nice, it’s a combination of sunflower seeds, sultanas and chocolate chips. Whilst we were resting we saw some more deer.


Of course walking along the River Kent we saw the devastating effect of the floods. There were many bridges closed which effect our walk because one of them we were meant to cross (I blame, dad, the map reader) but thankfully there was another way round.


We past this waterfall which I thought was good but according to my dad it gets even better because you can see salmon jump up it.


It was incredible the closer we got to Kendal the worse it seemed to get there was plastic and rubbish all over the trees, I can’t imagine how high the water was.


When we got to Kendal there was still a bit to walk but it felt like a great achievement it was the furthest I had ever walked and I was really tired. We arrived at Kendal Hostel about 15 minutes later and were greeted with a warm welcome from the landlady and her dog (even thought we were covered in mud.)

Later after we were clean and refreshed we ate pizza and watched Batman vs Superman, Dad loved it so much he fell sleep in the middle of the film, maybe the walk tired him more than me, poor Dad.

I  hope you enjoyed reading about our experience if you want a different take on our walk click here to read it on my dads blog too. 

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