Kendal to Ambleside

In the Easter holidays mine and my parents’s holidays were different to my brothers’s holidays so my mum stayed at home to look after them. Dad and I set off on our long distance walking holiday. We spent 4 fabulous days walking right from the doorstep in Silverdale to Keswick on our second day stopping at Ambleside hostel.


This is our lovely room in Kendal Hostel we shouldn’t of had it but the  lovely landlady gave us it because it was free.


We set off with much better weather than the previous day but still a little bit overcast and a steep hill out of Kendal that seemed to go on for ever.

On the way out of Kendal we passed Greenside Lime Kiln.


I know I said earlier that the weather was better but not much latter after leaving Kendal we had to get our heads down and carry on because there was a pretty heavy shower. However at the end there was a lovely rainbow.


After walking along a main road we headed on to some narrow country tracks which although beautiful with smashing views are not in the Lake District National Park so we didn’t see anyone on our travels.


We saw some sheep who were quite interested in what we were up to and for some reason I find them quite amusing.


We went down (or should I say slid and slipped down)  an extremely muddy track. It must have been really old because it was sunken into the ground which meant that a load of daffodils were growing on the side.


I took over the map reading for a while and navigated it perfectly but then Dad took over and got us lost for a good 15 minutes. But after that little mishap the navigating and the sky both cleared up and the weather was great for the rest of the day.


We went up to The Broom and we passed this pinky/ purpley helicopter which was really cool.


We passed this gorgeous little hole in the wall with a stream coming in. I loved it.


This house, according to dad’s blog, is called Spigot House but I don’t think I would mind living here except I mean were would you by food from?


At about 4pm we got down into Windermere and headed to Booths for a late lunch and were amazed by this garden which had fabulous landscaping.


After feeling refreshed from our stop at Windermere we headed up Orrest Head it had a great view but sadly I don’t have any pictures. Also we completed 1 minute faster than the recommended time – so speedy.


On our travels we saw this funky looking tree and it made me think of B and S because they would be straight inside the tree telling us how nice it was and that we should come in too.


We took a path that took us round the top of the valley it was beautiful especially with the sun low in the sky.


As we approached the hostel we came across these horses that were fighting for the camera and attention – they reminded me of S.


When we got to the hostel it was late and my feet were killing me, so guess where the hostel staff put us? On the third floor, the room, which I swear was the furthest from reception. After freshening up we went down for an amazing dinner. We had the Hostel platter to share and I had a spicy bean burger and chips. It was delicious.

I hope you enjoyed the slightly late, latest installment of mine and Dad’s Easter walk. If you want to hear a different, sarcastic and in some parts extremely exaggerated account   click here.



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  1. Lovely to be reminded of our splendid day’s walking. I’d just like to point out that at no point were we even remotely lost. I knew which field we were in, I just couldn’t figure out where we were supposed to get out of it! If people will hide stiles behind thickets then confusion is bound to result. You did very well with your map-reading.

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